When selling gold there are so many options such as where to sell gold, how to sell gold, who to sell gold to…. ? The different places to do business and the payout on gold prices can be a confusing venture. Knowing who to sell gold to and where to sell gold to are very important parts of the process. Here are some tips to sell your gold that everyone should know.

  1. Gold Prices Change Every day – Every reputable company follows the daily spot of gold. When gold is high the price you are paid when you cash in gold will be higher as well. Watch the daily spot prices to get the most cash for gold when you sell your gold jewelry.
  2. Gold Jewelry Can Be Fake – Know what you have, what gold jewelry is real and what gold jewelry is fake. Anything that is magnetic is not real gold. Gold buyers at your local cash for gold store can help you with this and they shouldn’t charge for any appraisals or testing gold jewelry.
  3. Shop Around – It’s smart to get a few quotes from some local jewelry stores so you’re not under paid for your gold jewelry. Your final stop should be the gold refinery. Selling direct to a gold refinery you will get the best prices. Shopping around can show you the price difference between a legitimate refinery versus a seedy pawn shop.
  4. Haggling Prices at Jewelry Buyers Might Help – Getting a jewelry store to go up on their offer isn’t that hard. Just ask if they can do any better than that. Let the gold buyers know you are shopping around your jewelry so they attempt to give you the best price on your gold jewelry. Once again, dealing direct with the gold refinery will be the best options when it comes time to sell your gold items.
  5. Don’t Feel Ashamed – Selling gold is a very popular business and just because you have never done it don’t be embarrassed. There are many local gold dealers that cater to a higher clientele with nice offices and proper security to make the transaction as safe and comfortable to you as possible.
  6. Small Diamonds – Keep them. They really aren’t worth much in these economic times and you’re better off keeping them for sentimental values and maybe having them reset sometime down the road. Most legitimate gold buyers will remove them and return them with no charge to you.
  7. Get the Offer in Writing – It’s always good to have an offer in writing so you know exactly what gold jewelry you have and what it is worth.

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