Sell Platinum in West Covina, CA  91791Need money for things like rent, vacation, or wanna buy some new toys… why not sell your old platinum jewelry!!!! 

Platinum like gold is a higher value precious metal. Here at our refinery we pay top dollar for precious metals, and with platinum, you could get cash to pay bills, go on vacation, or buy some new toys.  Look around your house or jewelry box and you will be sure to find jewelry you don’t wear anymore that you can cash in.  We even buy broken jewelry, earrings where one one is missing, rings missing stones.  Have some platinum rings that have stones you want to keep, don’t worry we do stone removal for free upon request.

Don’t wait, come in, cash in on those treasures laying around your home or jewelry box.  Why just let that jewelry sit when you can cash in on it and do something with the money you really want to do!!