What Do We Buy?

Cash for Gold West Covina pays the most for all your unwanted gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, watches, rolex, coins and bullion in West Covina.

Step 1:

Bring in all your gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, watches, rolex, coins and/or bullion to our West Covina location.  We offer free appraisals so bring in anything you suspect may have value and we’ll sort it all out for you for free!

Step 2:

Our licensed friendly jewelry experts will examine and weigh your items right in front of you in our safe and comfortable office.  We’ll explain every step of the process so you can understand what is going on and how things are valued.

Step 3:

Next we’ll quote you a total price base on the up to the minute precious metals market prices.  As always, there is never any pressure or obligation to sell.  We are one of the few places that pays cash on the spot!  No hassle of cashing checks or check holds by the bank.  It’s that fast and easy!


Sell Jewelry West Covina

Sell Jewelry West Covina:

With gold, silver and platinum at or near all time highs there’s never been a better time to sell gold.  Picking the right place to sell is the key.  Pawn shops are notorious for paying low and are usually pretty shady or in seedy areas.  Jewelry stores are just middle men in the gold buyer market.  Their main focus is selling jewelry but with the slow economy have resorted to buying gold to make ends meet.  They typically have very high overhead as well so they just can’t pay as high.  Cash for gold stores in the West Covina area are also middle men because they still have to pay smelters or gold refineries up to 30% of the metal value.  Here at Cash for Gold West Covina we own our own refinery so you’re selling and getting refinery direct prices!


Cash for Jewelry Buyers in West Covina:

Many pieces of jewelry are hand crafted and may be filled with gem stones.  Selling jewelry such as this may have additional value over the melt value.  If you’re not sure about what it’s worth bring it down to Cash for Gold West Covina, California.  We have owned our own refinery for 30 years in the Downtown Los Angeles Jewelry District so we have a huge network of jewelry retailers who can resell those nice pieces.  Typically, jewelry that can be resold for retail will fetch a higher price and Cash for Gold West Covina will be happy to examine your jewelry pieces for this additional value automatically and pay you for them on the spot.

So come in and visit our location in West Covina, California or call us to make an appointment today!

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