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Sell Gold in the Walnut, CA area with Cash for Gold West Covina!  We are your #1 local gold dealers and pay refinery pricing to all our customers.  Why sell gold to a local jewelry buyer or a local pawn shop when you can deal direct with a local gold refinery?  Get the most cash for your gold by dealing direct and eliminating the middle man.  By doing this you will wind up with more cash in your pocket when you sell gold!  It’s quick and simple.  We are located at 120 N Grand Ave in West Covina, CA  91791.  You can call us at anytime to set up and appointment and get your gold jewelry appraised.  You will be in and out in no time with cash in your pocket.  Call us at 626) 967-7933!


Cash for Gold


Cash for Gold is a very fast and easy process when you’re dealing with the right company.  Here at Cash for Gold West Covina we have people in and out of our office in minutes.  Swing by on your lunch break to get your gold jewelry appraised by one of our licensed gold buyers.  There is no obligation so sell gold.  If you do choose to sell your gold we pay you cash on the spot!  No hassle of checks, just cold hard cash!  Set up an appointment today!  626) 967-7933

Cash for Silver

CASH FOR Silver Walnut

Turning silver into cash is just as easy as turning gold in to cash!  The process is basically the same.  All you have to do is bring in the silver jewelry, silver flatware, silver trays or sterling utensils you want to sell and we take care of the rest!  Here at Cash for Gold serving the Walnut, CA area we make it as quick and simple on you as possible!

Jewelry Buyers

Jewelry Buyers Walnut

All of our jewelry buyers are licensed and trained professionals.  We ensure to give you the most accurate appraisals on your gold valuables.  When selling gold to a local jewelry buyer be sure it’s a reputable place that knows how to handle expensive pieces, antique jewelry and estate jewelry.  Don’t trust a stranger with no license to handle your gold and silver valuables.  Also, don’t ever let a jewelry buyer take your gold jewelry out of your site to examine it.  Here at Cash for Gold serving Walnut, CA we complete the entire testing and weighing procedure right in front of you to provide you with the most comfortable experience possible.  We are located at 120 N Grand Ave West Covina, CA  91791.  Call us today to set up your appointment!

Gold Refinery

Gold Refinery Walnut

Selling gold to a local gold refinery is the smartest way to sell gold!  A local gold refinery pays the most cash due to no inventory, low overhead and no middle man fees!  Why should you sell gold to any other local gold dealer who then has to go sell to a refinery?  You’re paying someone to make a profit right under your nose!  Deal direct with our local gold refinery and get refinery direct pricing.  Selling gold to a gold refinery equals more cash in your pocket!  Call us today!  626) 967-7933


What We Buy

Gold, Silver, Platinum, Rolex Watches, Diamonds, Necklaces, Rings, Class Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, Cuff links, Studs, Chains, Jewelry, Watches, Charms, Bangles, Toe Rings, Anklets, Antique Jewelry, Estate Jewelry.
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