Gold prices are at record breaking highs and if you have any gold jewelry you just don’t wear anymore now is the time to sell your gold!  The gold market has been on an upward climb for the past 5 years and many experts say the gold bubble is about to burst.  Now is the time to turn that old gold in to cash with Cash for Gold serving the San Dimas, CA area it’s so easy to stop by and cash in!  Located at 120 N Grand Ave West Covina, CA  91791.  Serving the Pomona, CA area our gold refinery has the best prices around!  By dealing direct with a gold refinery you eliminate the middle man and get the most cash in your pocket.  Call us today to set up your free consultation and possibly find out if you’re sitting on a gold mine of jewelry!  626) 967-7933


Cash for Gold


Cash for Gold San Dimas, CA gives you the most cash for gold by paying our clients gold refinery pricing!  Deal direct with a local gold refinery to get the highest payout on your gold jewelry!  It’s fast and easy.  By dealing direct with a gold refinery you eliminate any middle man costs and put more cash in your pocket.  There are no limits on how much or how little gold you have.  Just bring in whatever you have and we will pay you cash on the spot.  For any more questions please feel free to call us at 626) 967-7933.  You can also stop in to our office located at 120 N Grand Ave  West Covina, CA  91791.

Cash for Silver

CASH FOR Silver San Dimas

Cash for Silver in San Dimas, CA is just as quick, easy and lucrative as Cash for Gold!  We buy all sterling regardless of the condition or the age.  Just bring in sterling jewelry, sterling flatware, starling trays, whatever sterling you have and we will give you a free, no obligation appraisal!  We can pay you cash on the spot with no checks and no hassle!  Stop by our office today to turn your silver in to cash!  626) 967-7933

Jewelry Buyers

Jewelry Buyers San Dimas

Every one of our local jewelry buyers are licensed professionals.  We offer free consultations and appraisals on any gold jewelry or silver jewelry you are interested in maybe selling.  There are no obligations to sell gold or sell silver and all our jewelry buyers make you feel comfortable every step of the process.  How to buy gold is really simple when it’s broken down and our licensed jewelry buyers take the time to explain to you the entire process.  Our Jewelry Buyers serve the Pomona, CA area with a location right off the 10 highway and Grand Ave.  Stop by our location today to get a jewelry buyers professional opinion on your valuables!  626) 967-7933

Gold Refinery

Gold Refinery San Dimas

Our local gold refinery serving San Dimas, CA pays the most cash for all precious metals!  We offer refinery direct pricing to every customer we do business with and there are no limitations on the amount of gold you must sell.  If you have one gold ring you will get the same gold refinery pricing as if you have 50 gold rings.  We don’t discriminate here!  Bring any gold, big or small in to our local gold refinery in Pomona, CA and get the most cash for your gold!  Visit our location at 120 N Grand Ave West Covina, CA  91791 today and get cash!  626) 967-7933


What We Buy

Gold, Silver, Platinum, Rolex Watches, Diamonds, Necklaces, Rings, Class Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, Cuff links, Studs, Chains, Jewelry, Watches, Charms, Bangles, Toe Rings, Anklets, Antique Jewelry, Estate Jewelry.
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