sell gold riverside, ca 92506We have to face the facts that times are tough, but when financial times get tough gold goes up!  If you have ever thought about selling your old jewelry the time is now as gold has been holding steadily high.  We all have been looking around for ways to make some extra quick cash and that outlet for you could be selling your unwanted or broken gold, silver, or platinum jewelry.

When selling your unwanted or broken jewelry you wanna make sure you are getting the best prices for your gold, silver or platinum, that’s why you want to make sure you go refinery direct.  Here at Cash for Gold Riverside Refinery we are a refinery direct office.  We have no middle men that we have to deal with which gives us the ability to purchase your gold at better prices then our competitors, which means more money in your pocket during these rough economical time.

Even if you have items that you are unsure about whether they are real or not bring those down.  Our trained staff can test and weigh your items to validate authenticity as well as let you know what those items would be worth if you decide to sell.