Selling gold, selling platinum and selling silver are all growing trends in this time of economic struggle.  The worse the economy gets the higher commodities seem to go.  If you have silver to sell, now is the time to cash in with Cash for Silver in West Covina.  We are your local refinery and we give each customer refinery direct pricing.  We accept any and all amounts of gold, silver and platinum that you may have laying around.  We pay you cash on the spot with no waiting and no hassle of checks.

Sell Silver West Covina, CA  91791Watching the silver trend with sites like Kitco can help you decide which day is best to come in and sell your silver.  Watching the daily spot price can help you get the best rate possible.  Visit our office in West Covina, CA  91791 to get a free appraisal on all your gold, silver and platinum!


Cash for Silver West Covina
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