Cashing in your platinum jewelry for cash may be the right options for you if:

  • You never wear it anymore
  • It’s from an ex…
  • It doesn’t fit you…  like a platinum engagement ring from when you were 21.
  • It’s way out of style!
Cash for Platinum West Covina, CA  91791There a lot of reasons to sell that old platinum you never wear and now is the time!  Platinum prices are at all time highs just like the sky rocketing gold prices.  Cashing old platinum rings, platinum bracelets and platinum necklaces in for cash is the best thing to do right now!  At our local gold refinery we pay top dollar for platinum jewelry.  If you have any stones or diamonds in the items that you want back don’t worry!  We offer to remove all stones for free!  That’s right we don’t charge for stone removal like every other jewelry store.  Just bring in your items to get your free appraisal today!
Located at 120 N Grand Ave  West Covina, CA  91791.
Call us to make an appointment.  626-967-7933